Proptech BNE. Call for New Partners in 2022

As we look ahead into 2022, the team at Proptech BNE. is eager to see the number of initiatives that bring our community together in-real-life skyrocket!

Like many other emerging technology clusters in Australia and around the world, 2021 had an impact on the local and national proptech economy’s ability to grow collectively as an ecosystem. Border closers, lockdowns, and capacity restrictions made coming together as a community to learn, form strategic partnerships, and network almost impossible.

This is not to say that the work conducted by our local and national proptech economy was anything other than extraordinary, with records in investments and the number of companies being founded. However, the sentiment from the community is clear, and that is “it’s time to come together” 

Proptech BNE. will be delivering a number of initiatives in 2022 centered around building key relationships between founder to founder and proptech economy and the traditional property industry.

Proptech BNE. is actively seeking industry support to help deliver some of our initiatives in 2022 and if your organisation is eager to be involved, please download the below partnership prospectus and connect with the team at

Let’s make 2022 an incredible year for proptech.

Download the 2022 Proptech BNE. Sponsorship Prospectus